The Beauty of Courtship : Before the Bell Rings

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Two heads, they say, are better than one. However, some friends walk in pairs and yet are not happy. The choice for a lifetime partner has led people to weep. People have ended their precious lives because of the choice they made. The wedding bells ring very joyfully and everyone who hears the bell rings says, ‘this is most fortunate.’ Sooner than later, the joyful bell that rang, sentence people to a lifetime of weeping.

Many are still in doubt whether the saying ‘two are better than one’ is really true. Invariably, young men and women, singles and even married couples are torn between staying single or opting for a lifetime partner. The society is now confused because the issue of divorce has become so rampant. Children become the object of suffering and pain when a choice for a life mate is wrongly made.


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