City Careers Hub

About Us

City Careers Hub is a support system that seeks to address issues relating to education, career, personal development, and business. It is designed to be a network forum where individuals can benefit from the knowledge, skill, and success of other people. 

City Careers Hub is for the benefit of the local community.


  • To equip individuals to develop their knowledge and better their career choices in life.
  • To encourage individuals to occupy places of authority and expand their influence in society through the development of their leadership skills through professional mentorship.

What we offer

A monthly careers session

We have an experienced guest speaker in each session who share their experiences and knowledge of how best to boost one’s career. The session includes Q & A, presentations, case studies, and group activities. The monthly sessions will resume in 2022. 


  • Tailored careers information, advice and guidance support. 
  • Programmes of workshops and presentations on job search, self-marketing, recruitment and selection processes and further study. 


  • Job matching or signposting to training opportunities. 
  • Help with CVs and job applications


  • Employability skills support

Target Groups 

  • Students
  • Workforce
  • Entrepreneurs


Mentorship Programme

We offer a professional mentorship programme to young people. Mentoring is a relationship between two people with the goal of professional and personal development. The “mentor” is usually an experienced individual who shares knowledge, experience, and advice with a less experienced person, or “mentee.” 

Skills gained :

Develop your knowledge and skill

They can help you identify the skills and expertise you need to succeed. They may teach you what you need to know, or advise you on where to go for the information you need.

Improve your communication skills

Just like your mentor, you may also learn to communicate more effectively, which can further help you at work.

Learn new perspectives

Again, you can learn new ways of thinking from your mentor, just as your mentor can learn from you.


Gain Valuable Insight 

Mentors can offer valuable insight into what it takes to get ahead.